Google Launches Learning Resources, Publishes AI Principles

Author: Tom Vander Ark | Posted on: 15 Nov 2018

With the ascent of Chromebooks and G-suite, Google became a leader in American classrooms in the last few years. With a little fanfare, Google announced this month that it was launching a learning microsite, Grow with Google.

Google spokesperson Peter Schottenfels said, “It is our initiative to help create economic opportunities for Americans. Our goal is to connect with small businesses, job seekers, entrepreneurs and anyone else interested  to provide them with the skills necessary to succeed in the digital economy.”

There are several programs under the Grow umbrella:

  • Get Your Business Online: A free tool and training program to help small businesses connect to customers on Google
  • Applied Digital Skills: An online suite of lessons to teach students and adults digital basics such as email and spreadsheets
  • IT Support Professional Certificate: A certificate program on Coursera that trains learners to be IT support professionals in roughly 8 months.
  • Primer: A mobile app with videos and lessons to teach small business owners and entrepreneurs digital skills basics.