Top Selling Crafts For 2018

Author: The Craft Booth | Posted on: 19 Jun 2018

Wondering what some of the top selling craft trends for 2018 might be? What follows are items that are doing very well at shows and online. Get some inspiration for your upcoming craft season. 

While my research isn’t highly scientific, it is based on my years of experience as a craft fair vendor and writer/researcher.  While putting together this post, I set out to research several different factors, including handmade items that are selling well online, the craft items that other sellers I know reported to me as being their best sellers, and the “chatter” from other crafter groups. 

Here are my educated guesses/predictions about what is likely to be popular this year.  Keep in mind, anything can be made more successful when it’s done in a unique way, marketed well, packaged well etc.  So even if your item(s) aren’t on this years list, you may want to consider different ways you can tweak your current products.

For example:

  • Can you customize your products?
  • Can you add some local flare? (baseball is huge in our area)
  • Have you considered using contests or other promotions?
  • Team colors for your local towns? 

PLEASE – Never, ever just steal another crafter/artists idea and copy it.  Take inspirations yes, steal ideas? no.  Ask yourself, would I want someone to do this to me? Inspiration is good, theft is terrible.  Creative people don’t have to steal! 

So, here is a sneak peak for craft trends 2018…

Letter Pendants & Monogramed Jewelry

I’ve seen a variety of these sell very well and the more unusual the better.  Old typewriter keys are very popular as is stamped metal.  The example is from E Ria Design shop on Etsy.

Knit Cup Cozies

I saw a lady that had these done up in all sorts of fun styles.  They look absolutely adorable on mugs and even those larger tumbler type steel cups.  Super cute, not over saturated and they even sell well online.  Knit or crochet items that are different are popular.  Click Here for a link to a free pattern, but there are a lot of different design ideas – get creative.

Rustic Wood Pallet Signs

These are everywhere it seems in different forms, but they sell well. I see a lot of signs walking around in the crowds, and these signs are one of Pinterest’s most pinned craft projects.

This example is quite basic and one of many styles you can consider.  This tutorial from the thinking closet blog is very detailed however and worth a look.  Click here to check it out.  Think of other ways you could embellish something like this with custom painting, ornaments, etc. 

Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bomb Tutorial
Bath bombs are all the rage right now and there are so many fun things to do with them.  Basic bath bombs are simple to make and you can also do a lot of other clever, creative things with them to make them stand out.  Mix colors, paint them with mica like in this Soap Queen tutorial and more. This site has a ton of tutorials, enjoy! Think of clever ways to package them as they are quite competitive but they do sell well.


Handmade Baby Clothes

handmade baby dresses from
Handmade clothing, particularly vintage inspired dresses for baby girls and women and custom t-shirts were very popular in our area also this year.  Anything frilly for baby girls seemed to do very well because who can resist playing dress-up with a baby?

Stair Spindle Crafts

Stair Spindle Christmas Crafts Pinterest                                       
We saw a variety of repurposed stair spindle art in our markets in the midwest, particularly around Christmas with Santas, Angels and Snowmen being very popular.  These are cute for indoor and outdoor decor and can be personalized any way you like.

Soup Bowl Microwave Cozies

These cozies are cute, offer a real world value and are good sellers in our markets.  Click here to get a free pattern and see what clever bowl cozies you can come up with.  I love the idea of never burning my hands on hot microwave dishes again – clever, cute and creative.