Johar’s Place is an upliftment initiative to create a space for Dawoodi Bohra entrepreneurial women, craft makers and professionals to congregate, find new clients, communicate and inspire each other!

How does Johar’s place help women entrepreneurs?

Johar’s Place will showcase your business and expose your goods and services to a large audience you may not be able to reach otherwise. You will find articles and resources that will help lead you on the path of success and growth in your business.

How do I list my business on the website?

  1. Member clicks on the List Me link (in the top navigation bar).
  2. Enter an email address.
  3. Our system will send a verification email.
  4. The member clicks on the link in the verification email and comes to our website.
  5. She then enters a new password.
  6. She then continues to creating his listing using our form.
  7. Once complete the listing is submitted for Admin review.
  8. Once approved the listing will appear in the marketplace.
  9. If any changes are requested by admin, you will receive an email. 
  10. Once approved you may go online using your login and make changes to your ad, including adding or deleting information.
  11. If you have any problems, please email joharsplace@gmail.com for immediate assistance.
Please note:
We reserve the right to approve or disapprove your ad. 

What do I do if I don’t have an established business yet?

There are many useful articles on our site to inspire and motivate. Be sure to visit the business ideas section. We have been collecting new ideas that have been shared with us of potential small business opportunities for women with an emphasis on home-based. This section will be updated frequently so come back often to see what we have to offer.

I feel my business is going nowhere due to finance issues, how can you help?

We are here to help, and will definitely guide you in the appropriate direction. You may reach out to any of the members on our team page and request information. Easier yet, just send us an email at joharsplace(at)gmail.com and we will contact you.

I would like to be a mentor, what is required of me and how do I sign up?

We are delighted that you would like to help by lighting the way for a fellow entrepreneur. We are looking for mentors that are willing to ask questions and challenge the new entrepreneur to exceed in their goals. You should be willing to share your own experiences and help uncover new opportunities. Your role is as an advisor, not to run someone else's company.

Being a mentor should not create a burden for you. Once you've established a connection and there is interest from both sides. Your input by email and simple phone conversation should suffice. Setting a schedule and limits on time will more than likely lead to a better long-term realtionship.

Please send us an email at joharsplace@gmail.com with your area of expertise and a bit about your work experience.