Our Team

Just as we believe it's important for us to know who you are and how you approach your business, we also believe it's important for you to know who we are and how we approach ours. Read below and learn about the people, culture and capabilities that make Johar's Place happen.

Insiyah Badri
Overall project / Website management

Insiyah has owned several businesses and is a computer enthusiast. She has worked in web and graphic design for many years. With raza and dua of Aqa Moula (TUS), she created Johar's Place with a goal of supporting the upliftment effort brought forth by Moula (TUS) and to bring women together in an entrepreneurial spirit. Her overall vision is what the team relies on to operate Johar's Place. She is passionate about this project and its potential and truly believes in the untapped entrepreneurial spirit of women in our community and will do whatever it takes to provide the tools to bring our plans to fruition and support dreams till they become reality. 

Sakina Chiba

Sakina is a pharmacist by training. Her positive outlook on life and her enthusiasm for khidmat, paired with her superior public speaking skills make her a fabulous manager/motivator.

Hawra Harianawala
Communications Management

Hawra is a trained visual artist and an art instructor by day. She loves words and poetry and believes in the power of prose. Hawra developed the content for Johar's place. She manages the communications in order to maintain a well informed team environment.

Rashida Lokhandwala
Johar's Place Event Coordinator

Rashida is a Quality Assurance Analyst by profession. She has excellent skills at bringing people together and coordinating activities. Her natural knack for managing events and attention to detail provides her with a lot of khidmat opportunities, which she is very grateful for. Her coordination skills are greatly valued in Johar's places business and networking events.

Tasneem M. Raja, LAc. MSc
Coop Events

Tasneem is a trained Acupuncturist and has been practicing in Katy for the last 16 years and she brings knowledge of running a successful business, but also networking and collaboration with other businesses. She grew up with parents both having businesses, so "business is in my blood". Loves to hear about new ideas and how to turn dreams into a tangible working plan.

Lubaina Raja
Coop Events

Lubaina's background is small business management. Her experience from having owned couple of The UPS Stores taught her a lot about management, customer service and overall business skills. She currently owns SMB Organics, an aromatherapy business, where she enjoys helping people lead a healthier life with essential oils. Lubaina manages the coordination of the muminaat networking events and their venues. She is passionate in helping women find their own happiness and success within themselves.

Mubaraka Saifee

Owner of MS Legal Firm