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Crafty Gumma

Who wants to retire I’m living a crafty happy life!

I have been a crafter all my life and have been passionate about business forever. I can’t even remember how many business ideas I’ve had. Some I’ve actual pursued and others I’ve dreamt about. Nothing wrong with that really. Now that I’m moving up in years I try to find the time to keep myself busy by crafting. I am one of those persons who should not be allowed on Pinterest! Once I get on there, I’ve got a million more ideas than I originally started with. Needless to say I find it hard to focus on one passion. 

At this time my biggest passion is handmade paper, I absolutely love making paper. I was playing with my granddaughter, she was 4 1/2 at the time and wanted to keep her busy, so I told her we would make paper. She loved it too! I’m into making handmade paper and paper bowls from recycled paper right now and predict this will remain my focus for quite awhile. 

I also supply my daughter in law with Custom cake toppers for her amazing cakes and use my Cricut to produce wood signs, decals and vinyl, and more for whoever needs it.

You can reach me at:

Insiyah Tinwala (Badri)