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Royal Motif Fabrics

Royal Motif Fabrics is an online e-commerce fabric store specializing in modern geometric and trendy fabrics from leading manufacturers.

We are based out of the Greater Houston Metro area in Texas.  Now in my fifth year in business, I have gradually increased the offerings.  My Vision at Royal Motif Fabrics is to offer a unique mix of high-quality fabrics for the sewing and quilting community.

We stock a very large variety of major textile brands, including linens, silks, canvas, rayon, cotton lawn and other blends of fabrics for home décor needs.  This helps our customers focus on their creativity and eliminate their need to surf or shop around for countless hours.

For the past 20 years, I have served as a homemaker for my 3 children and loving husband. Recently, I decided to pursue my passion for sewing. This love for craft making has been a part of me my whole life. My mother, a seamstress, was my first source of inspiration. Throughout my childhood, I watched and helped her run classes in sewing, stitching, toy making, purse making, and other needle crafts.

I picked up quilting as a hobby and loved making quilts for my children, nieces, and nephews. I see my kids cherishing their quilts daily.

Initially I started selling on the Etsy marketplace.  The process was daunting and as expected; considering I was in-charge of multiple activities from purchasing to photography, marketing and fulfillment to finance and year-end-inventory and taxes.  After a year or so, I initiated a project to set up my shop Royal Motif Fabrics, on the web.  Within a few months it was up and running!  I had a heart-warming response from my customers and enjoyed fulfilling their requests, inspired by their unique projects and similar passion for craftwork. I am honored to be able to connect with and share my love of fabrics with so many kind, loving and supportive people from across the world!  I currently ship to most countries across the world.

We constantly add new fabrics to our inventory to keep up with design, color trends and customer requests.

Rashida Fatakdawala

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Farhat Accessories

Handpicked dainty and unique beauty, home, and fashion products
sourced from the USA and Egypt

At Farhat, I aim to provide unique, floral, and gift-worthy products sourced from the USA and Cairo. I primarily focus on home décor, crockery, baby products, and beauty accessories. I select products according my own taste and would love to use myself. Growing up in Cairo and Nairobi, I soon realized that there are many products that are unique to each country. I saw this as an opportunity. I primarily operate through Instagram and WhatsApp and I fulfill orders in the US, Cairo, and Nairobi with the help of my family. As of now, most of my products are of limited stock, which means, if something you like from my Instagram page is sold, it’s unlikely I will restock it. I understand this as a limitation of my business and thus, my vision for the future is to find scalable products that I can sell through an online store.

FARHAT Alefiyah’s Accessories
Alefiyah M Huzaifa Taquee

17607 Coventry Oaks Drive
Houston, TX 77084


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Creative Niche

With a formal education in the Visual Arts and an unquenchable curiosity, my passion has forever been to create something from nothing. I have always enjoyed learning how to make new and sometimes unconventional things from scratch in my free time, be it homemade pickles and cookies, to purses and baskets; everything is fair game. I began perfecting my homemade creations by sharing them with my friends and family, and with their kind encouragement and constructive criticism, ‘My Creative Niche’ was born.

Each one of my products are 100% handmade. All of my edible items are made with organic ingredients and minimal sugar, oil, or artificial color whenever possible. Baked items are made fresh to order, generally only a few hours before you pick them up and most of the pickles are aged to allow time for the natural flavors to really ruminate together. I am constantly adding things to my list of items so if you do not see what you want, or would like any additional details or information, please contact me!

Rashida Kapadia, owner

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Dstampss LLC


I am Durratussharaf.

Born and raised in India in a business family, entrepreneurship was instilled in me from a young age and that led me to be a business owner at the age of 21. Since then, I got a degree in business management, got married, had a kid, started this business and moved 6 times across 3 countries in just the last decade and am still in transition (the world is my oyster).

Despite all the relocating, I have held onto my love for crafts, culture, language and entrepreneurship.

And so Dstampss LLC, a crafting Co was born in 2017 in the USA to meet the ever-growing demand for Islamic products in the creative world. Our vision is to make Eid and all Islamic festivals a mainstream celebration here in the North Americas.

At Dstampss we design and manufacture Islamic arts + craft supplies (primarily in Islamic vocabulary) that keep women, kids and families creative with products that reflect their faith, language and culture. It feels great to see representation, right?

My biggest challenge has been the fact that we’ve moved every 2 years, uprooting from one city and sometimes even country to temporarily set up base in a new one;)

What I have realized is that although the landscape around me will change every few years, my principles and work ethic shouldn’t. I started treating my movements as a way to explore new opportunities, meet new people, find new inspirations and make new connections and that reflects in the products we design.

Crafting is my way of connecting, building relationships and spreading joy.

When you share and inspire others into creativity, phenomenal things happen. Happiness is definitely a side-effect. Creativity fills you, makes you feel content and that’s the key to happiness.

Durratussharaf Rampurawala
Find me and connect with me at
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Empowered Life Solutions

Certified Life Coach

Hawra Harianawala

Science-based coaching for greater self-awareness

The biggest tragedy of any time is wasted human potential. 

Most people don’t know that their greatest power and potential reside in the distinct, predictable ways they think, feel, and act. According to Gallup’s research, people who know their strengths and use them are 3 times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life than those who do not know their strengths; people who use their strengths at work are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs. Knowing and using your strengths contributes to positive emotions, personal engagement, and increased productivity.

Even when people are doing jobs they love they suffer from crippling self doubt and anxiety due to the pace of our modern lives. Staying in your lane and being focused on what you do well is a daily struggle.

Getting coaching on your strengths gives you the power, permission and direction you need in order to become the best most actualized version of yourself.

Meet Hawra

Hawra is a Houston, Texas based Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.  Her passion is to help each of her individual or group clients succeed by focusing on uncovering, capitalizing and building on their unique strengths profile—in their specific social/organizational context—rather than anchoring in perceived weaknesses.  

She has over a decade of community service experience related to counseling and coaching, as well as previous training in Child Psychology. Having worked with populations ranging from pre-adolescents through adults, she is a firm believer in the strengths-based coaching approach to empower a person or team, bring out their best, and chart an optimal path for their future.

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