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I am Durratussharaf.

Born and raised in India in a business family, entrepreneurship was instilled in me from a young age and that led me to be a business owner at the age of 21. Since then, I got a degree in business management, got married, had a kid, started this business and moved 6 times across 3 countries in just the last decade and am still in transition (the world is my oyster).

Despite all the relocating, I have held onto my love for crafts, culture, language and entrepreneurship.

And so Dstampss LLC, a crafting Co was born in 2017 in the USA to meet the ever-growing demand for Islamic products in the creative world. Our vision is to make Eid and all Islamic festivals a mainstream celebration here in the North Americas.

At Dstampss we design and manufacture Islamic arts + craft supplies (primarily in Islamic vocabulary) that keep women, kids and families creative with products that reflect their faith, language and culture. It feels great to see representation, right?

My biggest challenge has been the fact that we’ve moved every 2 years, uprooting from one city and sometimes even country to temporarily set up base in a new one;)

What I have realized is that although the landscape around me will change every few years, my principles and work ethic shouldn’t. I started treating my movements as a way to explore new opportunities, meet new people, find new inspirations and make new connections and that reflects in the products we design.

Crafting is my way of connecting, building relationships and spreading joy.

When you share and inspire others into creativity, phenomenal things happen. Happiness is definitely a side-effect. Creativity fills you, makes you feel content and that’s the key to happiness.

Durratussharaf Rampurawala
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