Shehrullah Booths: A Celebration of Female Entrepreneurship

Amidst the festive air of the Sherullah weekend, Joharsplace once again transformed into a vibrant hub of community spirit and female empowerment with the return of the ‘Sherullah Booths’. This unique marketplace, held during the first weekend of Sherullah, brought together women vendors from diverse backgrounds, offering an array of goods and delicacies to eager patrons.

The stalls, adorned with colorful fabrics and adorned with artisanal crafts, showcased the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of these women. From jewelry to traditional textiles, from delectable homemade treats, Shehrullah Booths offered a treasure trove of delights for visitors to explore.

Beyond merely facilitating commerce, this initiative holds deeper significance in fostering women’s empowerment.

Vendors: Pastries & More, Zahra Jewels, Rubies r Red, Hussaini Brothers, Fun Foods, Amatullah Creations, Amafhha Jewels, TBox Ridas, Dinar’s USA, Farhat, Maimoon Ridas, Al Lihaaz, Khadijah Aabid, Jams Khajoors, Zainab Hajee, Manakib Caterers, Shirin Diwanji, Khadijah Noorbhai, and more…