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Dar Tasty Delights

We take orders for a wide variety of Delicious Food Items.
All items are Fresh, Homemade Kharas

Shami Kabab, Bateta Chaamp, Chicken and Beef Cutlet, Beef and Chicken Kheema Chapati (Beda Roti), Pinwheel Pizza, Pasty,
African Donuts (Mandazi), Beef, Chicken & Vegetable Samosa


Zanzibar Mix (Channa Bateta), Masala Beteta (Aloo)

Packed Items

Chevro, Ghor Papdi, Topra Pak, Sev Poah, Sweet & Sour Vegetable Achaar, Lemon Achaar

Seasonal Items from DAR when available

Buya, Achar, Mabungo Achaar, Khajoor Halwa & Churan (Mukhwas)

We also take orders for small gatherings such as; Picnics, Birthday Parties, Friends Waro etc. with mouth-watering items such as:

Khima Curry, Beans Curry (Tuwar Lila) Masala Bateta, Zanzibar Mix, Kalambro, Kheer Puri, African Donuts (Mandazi), Kharas and Cassatta Ice Cream

To receive the latest updates on our freshly made items email or call and give us your contact number.
Delivery upon Request

Sakina Jafferjee
Houston, TX, USA