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At MS Legal Firm, we believe that our sound legal advice will cut through the red tape and help ensure a smooth processing of your case, in any of the below mentioned area of our expertise:

•  Immigration Law

•  Family-Based Immigration

•  Employment-Based Immigration

•  Investment-Based Immigration


About Mubaraka Saifee, Esq. 

Mubaraka Saifee is a graduate of South Texas College of Law, and is licensed to practice in the State of Texas. Familiar with Hindi, Urdu and Arabic languages, Ms. Saifee is the daughter of immigrants who knows how it feels to deal with immigration matters and can help you in even the most complicated of situations.

Mubaraka also has an undergraduate degree in Communications, with a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism from the University Of Houston School Of Communication. She appreciates the importance of keeping in touch with clients, has an approachable and friendly personality, and charges reasonable rates. Give her a call and she will be happy to speak to you. If she is unable to take your call immediately, she will return your call within 24 hours.


Mubaraka Saifee, Esq.

1822 Snake River Rd, Suite D, Katy, TX 77449