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Paint Brush Creations


Her Artwork consists of Paintings on Canvas, Murals, Personalized Name Plates, Business Cards, Letterheads, Logo Design & all design creations you may desire! All made to order. The sky is literally the limit with ‘Paint Brush Creations’.

Recently opened her first shop, ‘Paint Brush Creations’ in Noorpura, Womens Gallery, Surat.  She also recently launched the 1st Edition of her series of adult colouring books, ‘Majestic Horses’.


With the Raza and Dua of our beloved Dai Al-Muqadas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA & Dai Al-Mutlaq Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. Her name was Bestowed by Burhanuddin Moula RA.  Fatemah Shk. Burhanuddin Jamali well known as Fatemah Artist, is a gifted Artist. She studied in Al-Jamea-Tus-Saifiyah, an Arabic Academy situated in Surat, India. She continued with further studies in London in Art & Design at The University of Westminster. She was part of many exhibitions held at the University. She has also did many Backdrops for Zyafats of Aqa Moula RA in London. Also has received the sharaf of Painting the Golden design single handed around the ceiling of Busahebas’s Qabar Mubarak in London. 

Fatemah Artist: Fatemah Ebrahimji
Gujarat, India