Tips to help you stand out in an expo, market or show

You never get a second chance to make a first impression” ~ Will Rogers

I’m not sure I agree with this statement in life. But in a trade show the few seconds it takes for a walk past your booth may be your only chance to attract attention. An effective display of products is your opportunity to show what is great about your products. Your booth display can make all the difference in your success.

So, what makes an effective display? What can get you the results you need? There is no magic formula but there are ways to help get you results. Firstly, take an objective look at your booth, do you see a need for improvement? Do your products look their best? If not, its time to look at trade show tips that can help your products stand out.

  1. Don’t forget to show off your brand. Products may be the main goal but highlighting your brand will emphasize the connection between product and brand well past the trade show.
    1. Branded graphics on banners, displays and other elements serve this purpose.
    2. Marketing materials appropriately placed.
    3. Items such as sign holders, frames, stands can also continue your branded message.
    4. If you have a logo, consider using those theme colors in your overall look to bring it all together.
  2. Lighting plays a part
    1. Spotlighting specific products.
    2. Use LED displays to showcase products and information.
    3. Use lighting around the outside of your exhibit for a more attention grabbing effect.
    4. Mount a light in the vertical space above your booth.
  3. Your product display should be proportionate to size
    1. Arranging products according to size, large products separated or in a small group.
    2. Small products look better arranged in a group to show variety.
    3. Table displays can serve two purposes, as it can double as a demo counter as well.
  4. Always consider negative space
    1. Your products will be more appealing and attractive when not competing for attention.
    2. If your space is cramped, find ways to make it more spacious.
    3. Convert floor displays to wall-mounted or hanging if possible.
  5. Using all your space
    1. Use the outside of your booth to draw in foot traffic. Displaying something interesting so they will consider stopping.
    2. Video or slideshow presentations often draw people in.
  6. Demonstrations
    1. If possible, include a product demonstration, it will draw visitors to your booth and showcase your product.
  7. Promote, promote, promote
    1. Don’t forget to be active on social media during your show. Include using the Stories feature on the various platforms.
    2. Showcase your booth, showing photos and video clips.
    3. Livestream if possible and if you have a demo scheduled be sure to share the schedule.
  8. More on display
    1. Prepare customized elements for your booth well in advance.
    2. Environmental displays that mimic where people might use your product often work well.
    3. Allow people to handle your product, taste or smell if appropriate.
    4. Plants, foliage, a floral or fruit display engages the senses. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. Promotional items
    1. If you are going to do promotional item giveaways, be sure they are high quality.
    2. Would be best if there was a connection to your product or service.

Final thoughts

Think outside the box, be unique and try something you’ve never done. By all means don’t be stuck in a rut. Update and improve your display when necessary.