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Arabesque Trays

Show your respect for your guests with these arabesque trays. The base of these wooden trays are decorated with different Arabic phrases meant to send a message to your guests and other arabesque patterns on a shiny material and covered with glass.

We have two size options in stock:
Small: 12″ (14 with handles)* 6″ *1 inches

Large: 12″ (14 with handles) * 8″ *1 inches

Translations in photo order:
1- Ahlan wa Sahlan (An Arabic greeting commonly used when welcoming guests. Literally means- May you arrive as family and stay with ease/comfort)

2- (your guest is) the Most respectable of all people

3- May you have a beautiful (lit. Rosey) morning

4-Your visit/presence has enlightened our house

5-House of respect