Product Showcase

Product Showcase

Table Runners

Just look at these silver and red floral embroidered table runners. Elevate your coffee table, side tables, dining table with these elegant additions. You can simply lay these out or pair them with other decorative showpieces. The silver tassels at both ends add to its royal look.

We have two options in stock:

1- set of 3 runners as pictured.
– 2 small: 19″ x 15″
– 1 large: 38″ x 15″

2- 1 extra long for dining tables or mantles: 76″ x 16.5″

*All measurements exclude tassel length

Product Showcase

Qahwa Cups

We’re so excited for these next few “Qahwa” (coffee) cup sets. They stopped us in our tracks as we wandered the local markets.

They’re definitely going to be the show stopper the next time you host a get-together. Imagine presenting tea/coffee in these. Ahh! 😍

What we love best is that they visibly highlight Egyptian beauty. We can’t get over them, I hope you all feel the same!

FYI: these are in limited stock!

Product Showcase

Arabesque Trays

Show your respect for your guests with these arabesque trays. The base of these wooden trays are decorated with different Arabic phrases meant to send a message to your guests and other arabesque patterns on a shiny material and covered with glass.

We have two size options in stock:
Small: 12″ (14 with handles)* 6″ *1 inches

Large: 12″ (14 with handles) * 8″ *1 inches

Translations in photo order:
1- Ahlan wa Sahlan (An Arabic greeting commonly used when welcoming guests. Literally means- May you arrive as family and stay with ease/comfort)

2- (your guest is) the Most respectable of all people

3- May you have a beautiful (lit. Rosey) morning

4-Your visit/presence has enlightened our house

5-House of respect

Product Showcase

Egyptian Scarves

 The small pink and purple flower clusters add a little life to the somber gray base which makes this scarf perfect for those casual days when you just want to stroll through the mall.

All scarfs are made from world famous Egyptian cotton.

Product Showcase

Storage Jars

Fill these jars with your favorites nuts, cookies, chocolates for those mid-night munchies while you binge your favorite shows 😛
Perfect wedding Gift 
Posting more colors , stay tuned

Product Showcase

Baby Towel Set

Hooded Baby Bath Towels Feature A Extra Smooth Soft & Gentle Touch To Your Babies Sensitive Skin, Take Them Straight Out Of The Bathtub & Into Our Super Comfy Towels, Not Only Will Your Little One Be Cozy Their Skin Will Stay As Good As New!

A Great Baby Essential For Your Own Home, Or A Great Gift For A Baby Shower, These Towels Are The Perfect Present For Any Mom Or Dad To Be. Each Towel Is Rolled & The Set Is Tied Beautifully With A Satin Bow.

Each Baby Towel Set Features A Cute Coordination Of Prints & Colors, Each One Of Our Baby Towels Measures 27 X 30 Inches, Quick Dry Fabric.