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Pleasure to be, Teaching Aids

Our first product is an Arabic and Lisan- ud-Dawat word making game ” Honey hunt – صيد العسل ” along with 1000+ Lisan- ud-Dawat spelling bee( commonly spoken words )to practice while playing. Basic and advanced playing methods provided within the game for players of any age group 6+. Can be played within family or friends group or learning mates at madrasa.

We believe that learning is for everyone regardless of age. We invite all the Learning bees to have a fulfilled pleasurable journey of learning.

For bookings and inquiries for Hadiyah and Pleasure to be, learning aids products, visit or contact us: 

Munira Ujjainwala
+91 7041067053 or +91 9869772842 (WhatsApp)
Educational ResourcesGifts & Giftware

Tarbiyat Teaching Aids

I’m Mariya. The founder of TTA.

Ahlan wa sahlan to Tarbiyat Teaching Aids virtual shop. I have a collection of teaching aids that I print and ship and email all over the world from wall borders and posters to printables and games.

This year I have introduced some large fabric huroof decals in rainbow colours to our collection of classroom decor.

Perhaps you are a parent looking to decorate your child’s work/play area.

Perhaps you are a madrassah teacher tired of making your own resources for your class because, let’s face it, it takes a good chunk of time to create resources.

Perhaps you are a parent who wants to share their own enthusiasm and love for the Qur’an with their children.

Perhaps you want printables to use with your child to build writing and reading stamina. Or just introduce your child to the Arabic huroof.

Perhaps you are not near a physical madrassah center and just need more than the text books to help build the child’s love of the Qur’an.

Well then, you have come to the right place because these are the very reasons why TTA came to be –  to bring joy and wonder to the table of Deeni Ta’lim.


I am a darajah ibtidaiyah and awwala madrassah teacher who understands the challenges of preparing for an upcoming class of eager young students wanting nothing more than to engage them and make a difference in their tilawat and hifz journeys.

These are the very resources that I and other teachers and parents use in our classrooms and at home with their own children, be they wall borders, huroof wall decals, games or printables.

Please reach out if you have any questions about TTA products. You can reach me via email, Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp. 
 +1 587 710 5152 or
Educational ResourcesGifts & Giftware


Fun educational games and teaching aids for the
Dawoodi Bohra community.

At Li’l Banoon we combine well designed educational aids with fun illustrations to bring to you the ultimate learning experience. Our goal is make learning as interesting as possible. Our product line includes board games, books, educational aids and more. Each of these have been customized to suit and aid the deeni taalim of dawoodi bohra children.


Fatema Adenwala

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