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Zahra Ammar Art

I create art for people and spaces.

A continuous essay on geometrical and botanical themes, my art brings about conversations, an aura of hope and progress. Primarily using a technique called paper quilling and 3D engineering, the artwork is a balance of traditional and more contemporary forms.

Works can be found in public places like Sutter Health, California Medical Association, Kaiser Permanente and Dignity Health hospitals. I’ve also created murals and large scale works for private and commercial projects.

Zahra Ammar

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Studio H 41

Meet Hawra Harianawala, commissioned artist, Illustrator, Interior Decorator, helping you create art & spaces that nourish your soul.

I believe that every individual is unique hence their living and working space should also be unique like them. I want to assist my clients in creating a space that is expressive, comforting and practical. With years of experience as a commissioned artist I not only bring your space together with accessories and finishes but also by providing those signature center piece artworks that become conversation starters. The way I would describe my work style is, budget friendly, individualized, zen and eco-friendly.

Hawra Harianawala
484 297 2052

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Fatema Josh Fine Arts

Fatema Josh Fine Arts is your one stop gallery focusing on original fine arts for any interior space, bespoke Fatimid and Islamic Arts, abstract art and all kinds of artistic services, including customized art parties for your occasions and social groups.

We have worked with clients across the globe and also provide limited edition products for valuable and meaningful gifts to friends and family and for any occasion.

A native of Malaysia, Fatema Josh has majored in Graphic Design and has lived in the United States since 2002. She has been pursuing art professionally for 10 years in Houston. Her works have been curated and exhibited in prestigious venues such as the City Hall of Houston , Houston Public Library, Black Tie Art Gala and galleries. She has been interviewed by many virtual magazines, blogs, NTV Houston and featured on a television campaign empowering women for Texas Women’s Hospital.

“I am extremely grateful to be able to use art to express my voice. I aim to create a happy place for the viewer, a meaningful space , to be able to pause and connect and find their moment in this stressful and demanding world. Color is my primary language and I believe it’s a medium that sparks the imagination, invigorates the mood and heals the hearts.”

For further information and portfolio or any other inquiries please visit the artist website at or email at

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