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LavU, All Natural Soaps

I make soap and other personal care items using natural ingredients. All ingredients are sourced from quality suppliers or homemade. My products are gentle on your skin and do not contain alcohol, dyes, or fragrances. Any colorants that may be present are made from natural ingredients such as spinach powder, turmeric powder, or paprika powder. You can also enjoy the scent of essential oils while you soap!

My family and I use all the items so you can be guaranteed you are receiving something that I personally use as well.

All my soaps are cold processed. Cold processed soaps need to sit for 4 to 6 weeks to cure. The hardest part for me is waiting but every so often, I will take a peek to see how they are doing and watch them transform! The curing stage helps the soap become harder. I’ve noticed that the longer a bar of soap sits, the better it gets!

I make a few batches at one time which means that each one is made with love. This will also mean that the soap you receive may look slightly different from the one in the picture, but I guarantee that the love is in all my soaps.

My body butters are made to order.

My products are perfect for personal use, shitabi, showers, weddings, or as party gifts.

I recommend a patch test be done prior to using any ingredient you are not familiar with.

Umema Kothari