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I am a Physical Therapist by profession, and inspired by Moula’s TUS teaching that we become more aware of the ingredients in the things we consume, I developed an all-natural (and namazi) balm that can be used for minor body aches and pains (in conjunction with medical care).

The main benefit being that the product is namazi, and that, because of its salve (cream-type) composition, it is very travel-friendly as well (can be taken in handbag during flights).

Sakina Didarali

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LavU, All Natural Soaps

I make soap and other personal care items using natural ingredients. All ingredients are sourced from quality suppliers or homemade. My products are gentle on your skin and do not contain alcohol, dyes, or fragrances. Any colorants that may be present are made from natural ingredients such as spinach powder, turmeric powder, or paprika powder. You can also enjoy the scent of essential oils while you soap!

My family and I use all the items so you can be guaranteed you are receiving something that I personally use as well.

All my soaps are cold processed. Cold processed soaps need to sit for 4 to 6 weeks to cure. The hardest part for me is waiting but every so often, I will take a peek to see how they are doing and watch them transform! The curing stage helps the soap become harder. I’ve noticed that the longer a bar of soap sits, the better it gets!

I make a few batches at one time which means that each one is made with love. This will also mean that the soap you receive may look slightly different from the one in the picture, but I guarantee that the love is in all my soaps.

My body butters are made to order.

My products are perfect for personal use, shitabi, showers, weddings, or as party gifts.

I recommend a patch test be done prior to using any ingredient you are not familiar with.

Umema Kothari

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Miracle Roots, LLC

With Muqadas Maula’s and AaliQadr Maula tus Raza and Dua started my business in 2011 .

I am registered and licensed by the State of Pennsylvania and The PA Agricultural Department . My products are Fresh ground Turmeric, Fresh ground Ginger and Fenugreek Sprouts .

Medical science has now recognized that Fenugreek heals Diabetes and Turmeric and Ginger eaten with honey heals Arthritis .

Contact me for additional information.

Nafisa Mohyuddin


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Insiyah Atoor

Alcohol Free Premium Perfumes and Bakhoors

Enjoy a variety of outstanding perfume oils, bakhoors , Oudh bath and beauty products imported from UAE and known for quality and value.

All our perfumes are Concentrated Perfume Oils (CPOs). CPOs are not diluted like sprays and their shelf life is 2-3 years longer. These high quality fragrances are available in beautifully designed coffret packing. These premium products offer unbeatable value for your money!

Bakhoor is incense that you burn with charcoal, it removes smell out of the home or office and leaves behind a clean refreshing aroma without any chemicals.
We also sell Halal bath and beauty products , room fresheners, that are non- alcoholic, animal, paraben and sulphate free especially our luxury Oud products that are truly a joy to use.

Anisa Jivanjee

Apna Bazaar
1730 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33612

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Tanzanite Soaps & Naturals

Respecting a gentler way of living.

Offering hand crafted skin care products made from natural ingredients . 

Natural Soaps, Body Scrubs, Body Butter, Lip Balm, Face Masks, Foot Scrubs, Essential Oil Roll Ons, Beard Oil and Beard Balm and More.

My products are simple, natural, do not contain any chemicals and are halal.

Gift sets available on request.

From nature with love…Tanzanite Soaps & Naturals
Fatema Malik

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Smiles At Telfair

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
A Great Blend of Friendship and Professionalism

Smiles At Telfair success is in the details. Our services are provided by individuals who have dedicated many years of training and education to master these skill sets. Rest assured, your health is our top priority, and the staff will ensure that the prescribed services are effectively communicated to the patient. We love questions and look forward to furthering the patients understanding the procedure.

Our Services include:

Basic & Deep Cleaning Implants
Crowns and Veneers Implant Restoration
Dentures Pediatric Dentistry
Deep Cleaning Root Canal
Emergency Services Teeth Whitening
Extractions And More
About Dr. Insiya Hussain

Dr. Insiya Hussain is a graduate from world renowned Rice University in Houston, Texas. She graduated with her bachelor’s in biomedical engineering and proceeded to study dentistry at the prestigious University of Texas at San Antonio School of Dentistry. She continually furthers her education and dental skills by regularly attending continuing education courses, conventions, and meetings.

Dr. Hussain is a part time clinical assistant professor at the UT Houston Dental School, and she is an active member of the Rice Alumni Volunteers for Admission where she enjoys interviewing prospective students applying to Rice University.

Dr. Hussain is married and lives in Sugarland, Texas with her husband and two kids. She is multilingual and speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujrati and is learning Spanish. She enjoys swimming, traveling, and gardening in her free time.

Dr. Hussain looks forward to welcoming you to her practice!

Dr. Insiya Hussain

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Jummi Yoga Mats

Jummi sells Yoga Mats

Our 6mm 72 x 24 inch non-slip, lightweight yoga mats are made with eco-friendly TPE material and come with a convenient carry strap.

Choose from 4 different colors; green, pink, blue or purple.


Jumana Boxwalla


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Burhani Laser Med Spa

Professional Skincare Treatments & Peels

Burhani Laser offers a wide range of products and treatments for the face and body and a soothing, state-of-the-art environment where clients can escape and relax from their daily grind. The techs can also exfoliate skin on the face or back to remove dead cells and reduce mild scarring.

For more than eight years, Burhani Laser in Houston, Texas has provided affordable services to ensure you always look amazing without breaking your bank account.

Burhani Laser is proudly partnered with Image Skincare, Lira Clinical, Skin script and Herbal Skin Solutions, used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas for daily home care and to complement aesthetic procedures. Our treatments help correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage. Allowing your true beauty to shine through.

Johar’s Place recommendation: Check out the link at Shoutout HTX for an awesome in depth article about Umaima and her business. Congratulations Umaima!!!


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SMB Organics

“Simply Made for Body”
All-natural and products that nourish and deliver real benefits to your skin and body.

Redefine your concept of wellness and aromatherapy with products from SMB ORGANICS, where our emphasis is on Supporting Mind and Body. Discover our line of essential blends and salves that are ready to use. Customized formulas are available with consultation.

Lubaina Raja is a trained aromatherapist, blending her products using Fair Trade butters and pure oils and essential oils. We are committed to keeping all our products natural with clean and simple ingredients.

Learn all about us @
Lubaina Raja