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Insiyah Atoor

Alcohol Free Premium Perfumes and Bakhoors

Enjoy a variety of outstanding perfume oils, bakhoors , Oudh bath and beauty products imported from UAE and known for quality and value.

All our perfumes are Concentrated Perfume Oils (CPOs). CPOs are not diluted like sprays and their shelf life is 2-3 years longer. These high quality fragrances are available in beautifully designed coffret packing. These premium products offer unbeatable value for your money!

Bakhoor is incense that you burn with charcoal, it removes smell out of the home or office and leaves behind a clean refreshing aroma without any chemicals.
We also sell Halal bath and beauty products , room fresheners, that are non- alcoholic, animal, paraben and sulphate free especially our luxury Oud products that are truly a joy to use.

Anisa Jivanjee

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