Caterers & Condiments

Roti Makers of Houston

One of our goals at Johar’s Place is to feature the businesses women have and provide a platform to market their products and services.

The past few years have witnessed an unprecedented emphasis and revival of roti making. We’ve come a way from viewing roti making skills somewhat dismissively to now aligning it with other lofty ambitions.

Below is a list muminaat on our marketplace who excel at this craft. Check back often for additions to the list.

Name Phone Type
Daratulsharaf Rampurawala 832-643-3807 Regular Roti
Durriyah Kagalwala 801-864-6952 Regular Roti
Durriyah Shk. Qaid Johar Latif 281-685-0142 Regular Roti
Fatima Rangwala 832-526-2037 Regular Roti
Khadija Rangwala 281-683-7371 Regular Roti, Aalo Paratha
Maleka Bhinderwala 832-293-5426 All types of Roti
Maria Mandviwala 408-307-6321 Regular Roti
Maria Ujjainwala 713-367-7827 Regular Roti, Shitabi Roti
Nafeesa Taquee 281-948-7781 Regular Roti
Nafisa Alihussein Dalal 682-472-5221 Regular Roti
Rashida Shujauddin 713-478-3992 Regular Roti, Shitabi Roti
Salma Patrawala 832-557-1008 Regular Roti
Shirin Diwanji 914-338-3634 Regular Roti, Ghakhar, Paratha, Bajra roti, Shitabi Roti