Johar's Place

Connecting Women

To Empower One Another

Creativity & Fun

Join Us

Your few hours of fun can result in a new hobby, small business or simply create that one of a kind gift.

Mehndi Art

Keeping alive our tradition

Fashionable henna art, an exquisite talent and a potential business opportunity

Classes & Training

Empowering women to use technology

Assisting women so they can take full advantage of what technology has to offer and more.

Painting Classes

Allowing women to explore their creativity

Offering an opportunity for women to exploit their creativity.


Encouraging home industries

Garments is a huge market anywhere in the world. We encourage women to tap into this market.


Helping women monetize existing skills

Encouraging women to earn a livelihood with their existing skills and help them setup businesses

Making Rotis

Achieving Maula's khushi

Earn an income for themselves, and gainn Maula (TUS)'s khushi. The sawab received benefits in a multitude of ways.